Late Season Dessert Apples

Adam Permain
UK 1826. Handsome, rich aromatic, nutty flavour, firmly textured. ‘Essential’ for Victorian and Edwardian dessert. Also grown for market 19th century. Remains valued garden variety today

Blue Permain
USA (prob) known early 1800’s. Introduced UK probably late 1800’s. Large apple, with a beautiful blue bloom. Delicate aromatic flavour, sweet soft cream flesh. Widely planted in New England, New York in 19th Century, now being taken up again by amateurs.

New Zealand; grown commercially 1952 Refreshing, crisp, firm flesh. Can be perfumed

Originated USA 1817 (where named Ortley) Savory, crisp, juicy, creamy flesh, tough skin

Cornish Aromatic
Originated UK Cornwall 1813
Very handsome firm fleshed, with bright red flush, faint red stripes over gold; much russet netting, dots, patches. Sweet-sharp flavour, pear drop quality yet almost spicy.

Cox Orange Pippin
UK raised 1825 by Richard Cox; retired brewer. Perfectly ripe, deliciously sweet and enticing with rich intense aromatic flavour. Deep creamy flesh. Described as spicy, honeyed, nutty, pear-like but subtle blend. Fruit orange red flush with red striped over greenish-yellow turning gold.

Australia found 1900 in orchard of J.D Duffy, Hobart, Tasmania Dark red flushed. Sweet, juicy and crisp.

Esopus Spitzenburg
USA known before 1790. Most beautiful, bright red. Rich, fruity flavour, lively acidity, lots of character. Hard, very crisp, almost yellow flesh.Possibly the apple that inspired the creation of Warldorf Salad.

Fameus (snow apple)
Canada probably brought from France as seeds. Deep red flush with pink undertones and snow white flesh Sweet, crisp, juicy yet soft and melting. Small apple in size, ideal childrenĀ  eating apple.

Originated Japan; raised 1939. Attractive, orange red flushed. Honeyed sweetness of Delicious. Crisp, firm juicy flesh with tough skin. Main variety grown in Japan and China. Also grown in all warmer apple regions of the world.

Originated USA raised 1943. Golden delicious X Johnathon Attractive with rich flavour, crisp, juicy nearly yellow flesh. Acidity of Johnathon gives this apple better balanced taste that Golden delicious.

USA Woodstock County New York 1826. Crisp, juicy, sweet with plenty of refreshing acidity. Bright crimson flush, some broken red stripes, yellow ground colour. Size is medium. Widely grown apple and often used as pollinator.

King Cole
Australian Apple raised in Lang Lang 1912. Bright red Jonathan flush. Good brisk taste of fruit in January. Formerly grown for export

Lady Williams
Originated Australia 1935. Western Australia. A. R Williams Farm. Bright red flush. Firm crisp flesh, keeps well and by 1970’s was widely grown in Australia and selling at markets

Pine Golden Pippin
Originated UK 1861. Hint of pineapple, but fine sprightly distinct pineapple flavour. Sweet, plenty of acidity, juicy crisp.

Prince Alfred
Originated UK 1897. Bright red flush, stripes over lemon. Light, refreshing taste, juicy, tough skin

Prince Edward
Originated UK 1933. Large handsome slight strawberry flavour, quite sweet, fruity, crisp juicy flesh

Rome Beauty
USA 1817. Introduced Australia 1900’s. Famed for it’s colour and storage qualities. Deep red flush with some red stripes, greenish yellow background. Brightens and lightens as matures

Originated New Zealand 1948. Attractive bright red flush. Crisp, sweet good taste of fruit.

Winter Banana
Originated USA 1876. Grown early 1900’s om Washington and exported to UK. Valued as a juicy apple in Germany. Favoured by amateurs. Yellow apple with slight blush. Sweet, scented in good year, juicy, melting flesh.