Culinary Dessert Apples

Culinary Apples are ideal for cooking as they hold their shape, colour and texture. While most are also good eating apples, they surpass dessert apples when used in any baked, stewed or boiled recipes. They are also a good variety to keep in cool storage, as they often become sweeter and softer, while some dessert apples will start to lose their quality and flavour. A Culinary Dessert Apple is really a must have for any home orchard, as they are extremely versatile and have great storage capacity.

James Grieve                   Early Culinary Dessert
Originated UK 1897. Savory, juicy, crisp with strong acidity. Cooks well, keeps shape, makes sweet delicate stewed apple. Apple has bright red flush, stripes over pale green/yellow

King of the Pippins          Middle Culinary Dessert
Originated UK or France 1770′s. Also named Reine des Reinettes
Well ripened, quite sweet, plenty of acidity, firm, juicy flesh.Cooked, keeps shape, bright yellow, good flavour, quite sweet well suited to open tarts. In France favoured for pastries. Also used as a cider apple.Apple has orange red flush, some red stripes over greenish/yellow-gold.

Belle De Boskoop         Late Culinary Dessert
Originated Netherlands 1856.Firm, juicy sharp flesh. Cooked, slices keep shape or makes thick gold puree, quite brisk, hardly needing sugar. Apple orange red flush, some red stripes over gold.

Black Winesap  Late Culinary Dessert

Originating in New Jersey before 1800. Very late ripening dark red apple is crunch and aromatic with a distinctive vinous flavour. Is great as a cooker and used in ciders

Blenhein Orange             Late Culinary Dessert
Originated Uk 1740. Addictive plain taste flavoured with nuts, quite sweet,
crumbly texture, good with cheese. Also used for ‘Apple Charlotte’ as cooks to stiff puree and keeps shape. Fruit is orange red flush, few red stripes over greenish yellow

Bramleys Seedling         Late Culinary Dessert
Originated UK 1809-1813. Cooks to pale cream puree with strong acidity and flavour, rarely overwhelmed by most sugary and highly spiced recipes.
With keeping, acidity drops and home stored fruit can serve as sharp eating apple in spring. Fruit green-greenish yellow, brownish orange flush, reddish stripes

Mutsu Crispin                  Late Culinary Dessert
Originated Japan 1930. Sweet, honeyed, crisp, juicy flesh. Good used in fresh vegetable salad’s. Cooked keeps shape, sweet light flavour. Fruit greenish yellow sometimes slight brownish flush.

Stewart Seedling Late Culinary Dessert
Originated Australia 1870 also known as Stewarts Ballarat Seedling Keeps crisp, fruity for months. Recommended for jelly.

London Pippin Late Culinary
Originated UK 1831. Possibly dating from 1580. Plenty of acidity, quite nutty. Cooked keeps shape, bright lemon, quite rich, sweet taste.