Asian Pears

Origin Japan 1889. Skin and flesh fully russet, any scratch on skin turns black.  Moderate eating quality, rather tough texture, a bit gritty, high sugar, medium low acid. Matures with or just after Nijisseiki, mid season, 135-150 days after full bloom. Storage is long, up to five months.

Dan Bae
Origin Korea 1969. Fruit shape uniform roundish and large. Skin and flesh Greenish tan to tan, tough relatively thick, surface russet. White flesh, sweet, texture firm, crisp and juicy but coarse, excellent flavour, one of the best. Late harvest, 171-179 days after full bloom. Storage is good, up to five months.

Origin Japan 1972. Fruit is round, medium large in size, Skin is russet golden brown. Excellent eating quality, high sugar and acid, fine grained texture. Harvest is mid season, 135-145 days after full bloom and storage is good, 3-4 months

Nijisseiki (21st Century)

Origin Japan, chance seedling found on a rubbish heap in 1898. Fruit shape is round, oblate, medium, can be small if too many on tree, need to thin to one per spur or two spurs. Skin and flesh is yellowish green clear skin, subject to abrasion and marking under certain conditions, cracks badly after heavy continuous rain.Good eating quality, medium sugar, high acid. Harvest is, 140-155 days after full bloom and. storage is up to six months cool storage.

Shin Go
Origin Korea,1929. Fruit shape is uniform, large, flattish round, sometimes lopsided, conical, . Skin is bright yellowish brown, tender, russet. Flesh is white, sweet, very good quality, crisp, juicy, coarse and pulpy. Harvest is mid season 165-170 days after full bloom. Storage is short, 30 days.

Shin Soo
Origin Korea,1965. Fruit shape is uniform oblate and lopsided. Skin is pale yellow brown, tender, russet, Flesh is very good quality, white, sweet, crisp, less aromatic, coarse and pulpy. Harvest is early, 110-115 days after full bloom. However, storage is short to medium, 15-20 days.

Shin sui
Originated Japan 1965. Fruit is ovate, small-medium Skin is russet golden brown and is excellent eating quality, crisp slightly gritty, high sugar and acid. Harvest is very early, 115-125 days after full bloom and storage is short shelf life.

Ya Li

Originated Chin old variety.  Fruit is pear shaped, unlike most nashi pears and has a crisp, fine-textured flesh that is sweet and juicy, and  softer than other Asian pears. Late season variety and excellent keeper