Cider Apples

Cider Apples are categorized on the basis of their juice into bittersweets, bittersharps, sweets and sharps. Most ciders are made from a blend of a number of different varieties. Cider apples also have high levels of either tannin, sugers or acidity.

Black Winesap Cider/Culinary Dessert (see culinary/desserts)
Bulmars Norman Cider (Bittersweet, produces a fast-fermenting medium cider)
Improved Foxwelp  Cider (Bittersharp; produces an extremely bittersharp cider)
King of the Pippins Cider/Cullinary Dessert (see culinary/desserts)
Kingston Black Cider (Bittersharp; produces a slow-fermenting full-bodied vintage quality cider)
Michelin Cider (Medium Bittersweet; produces sweet to medium bittersweet cider)
Reine des Hative Cider (Sweet; produces a sweet cider.)
Sommerset Redstreak Cider (Bittersweet; producing a mild or medium cider.)
Tremlett’s Bitter (Bittersweet; produces a mild cider)
Yarlington  MIll Cider  (Bittersweet; produces a medium cider.)