At All Foods Farm we have selected a small number of apple varieties that we personally like for their specific qualities. We have chosen a cross section of apples that fruit over the whole season. Some have been chosen for storage capabilities, some for their amazing tastes straight from the tree, some for their fantastic cooking qualities, but each apple has been chosen for it’s quality. We generally don’t have varieties you can buy in the supermarket, as in our opinion they are not the best tasting apples.

We can assist you with choosing apples trees for your home garden or orchard.  We can help cater to your orchard needs with multi or single grafted trees and  advise you on varieties that will suit any of your specific requirements, such as espaliers, cooking varities, cross pollination requirements and long fruiting season multi grafts.

Apple Varieties sold at All Foods Farm include
Dessert Apples and are used mostly as eating apples.
Culinary Dessert Apples are used for both eating and cooking.
Culinary Apples are cooking apples,
Cider Apples are used for making cider.