Early Season Dessert Apples

Victoria 1940′s, Australian. A mid sized early-mid season fruit, red with dark red stripes, crisp and juicy dessert apple, not quite as sweet as Gravenstein but keeps better. It is just perfect to eat early in the season. Fruits biennially with very few fruit every second year.

Originated Japan 1937; Jonathon X Worcester Permain. Crisp, juicy, sweet, slightly chewy flesh. Hint of strawberry flavour.

Devonshire Quarrenden
Originated UK : Old Variety, Name recorded 1676. Distinctive flavour- of strawberries or winey to loganberry taste. Sweet, plenty of acidity. Will go soft once picked. Valued for 19thCentury summer dessert. Fruit colour dark, bright crimson flush, few striped pale yellow background. size is medium to small and flesh is white with a tinge of green

Originated UK raised 1949, Blacksmith’s Corner, Langham, Essex Worcester Permain X Beauty of Bath. Was used as a main early commercial variety. Well ripened on the tree, bright red flush with greenish yellow background; flecked fine dots pale russet.Has crisp, juicy flavour often pink stained flesh. Fruit size is medium.

Originated Canada 1895 Mcintosh X Flushed, striped in pink and red over pale yellow. Very sweet juicy melting white flesh with vinous flavour. Was early summer market apple.

Stark’s Earliest
USA discovered 1938, Idaho. Sharp yet plenty of sweetness; juicy soft flesh. Best eaten from the tree.
Formerly grown for early English Markets. Fruit is bright scarlet flush over pale creamy white. Size is medium to small.

Summer Red
Originated Canada 1964 Darl red McIntosh type but ripening earlier.
Sorbet-like white flesh, sweet, soft, juicy with a hint of vinous flavour.

Worcester Permain
Originated UK 1873. Bright red and sun baked, densely sweet with intense flavour, firm, juicy white flesh. Was Englands main early commercial variety since late 1880′s, but now only grown a small extent for market. Remains widely popular garden apple. It’s bright fruits and distinctive blossom led to it’s decorative use in shrubbery in 1890′s.