Middle Season Dessert Apples

Australia apple originating in Batlow south of Canberra in the 1950s. Fruit medium-large, mid-season, red and crisp and sweet.A good flavoured, good keeping large red apple that looks like a Jonathon.

Egremont Russet
Originated UK Engfland 1872. Very distinctive flavour often described as nutty. Fruit ocher russet, slight orange flush, gold ground colour Shape is flattened fruit size small to medium

Geeveston Fanny

Australian, Tasmania 1880, in orchard James Evans. Bright red flushed and sweet. Formerly Tasmanian export variety

Europe variety, very old. Claimed 1600′s. Very popular throughout northern Europe, still grown in Canada and California as dual purpose apple Fruit light pink orange flush, red striped over greenish yellow.

Lord Lambourne
UK raised 1907 Laxton Bros, Bedford James Grieve X Worchester Permain. Shows some of the strawberry flavour of Worchester with plenty of refreshing James Grieve acidity. Sweet,juicy crisp flesh

Merton Worcester
Originated UK 1914 Sturmer Pippin X Cox’s Orange Pippin Fine cinnamon russet over gold. Sweet, sharp, acid drop flavour of Sturmer, firm almost yellow flesh.

Originated USA 1880. Large, sweet, pleasant apple with crisp flesh. Formerly widely grown New England